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A warm welcome from Tushar Parida

"As country head of Domo Engineering Plastics India, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our booth at PLASTIVISION. We at DOMO embrace sustainability through our high-performance polyamides and their applications. We bring value to our customers by developing sustainable solutions. Finally, we act responsibly towards the environment, employees and communities. I look forward to seeing you at our booth in Hall 4, BOOTH G1-3." 


Our highlights at PLASTIVISION

  • The eco-friendly choice for carbon-filled polyamide compounds
  • Lightweight and thermal-electrical conductive solutions for the automotive industry
  • Enhanced tribological properties compounds for friction & wear resistance applications
  • High Heat performance plastics compounds for metal replacements

We act and invite

We act sustainably

We will show our latest developments to address the needs of our customers and address some of the world’s major challenges.

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Tushar Parida
12:15 - Tushar Parida at the ElitePlus - PVI 2020 Knowledge Terminal - The Grande, Bombay Exhibition Centre, Goregaon, Mumbai

ECONAMID: Sustainable Polyamide

At DOMO, sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

The environmental behaviour of our industry’s businesses and companies is indisputable one of the most important issues of the last decade. Businesses need to acknowledge their responsibilities and act accordingly. We at DOMO Chemicals have decided early on to do everything in our power to close the loop. ‘Loop-closing’, in terms of ecology, means creating links between different industries with the purpose of industrial secondary feedstock reprocessing. And that is exactly what we are aiming at with our ECONAMID® range. ECONAMID®  offers a complete assortment of sustainable PA6 and PA66 compounds, based on high quality pre-consumer fiber feedstock, secured by reliable, long-term supply agreements.


This innovative product offers reduced surface and volume resistivity for various levels of electrical conductivity. OEMs and Tier suppliers can use these properties in developing connectors, fuel-filtering components, light detection and ranging applications, camera housings and electronic components. With its combination of high-quality recycled carbon fibre and sustainable polyamide, ECONAMID® AIR significantly lowers CO2 emissions with no loss of mechanical properties.

Tushar Parida
11:00 - Tushar Parida at the HALL 4, BOOTH G 1-3

Enhanced tribologic properties compounds for friction & wear resistance applications

Friction and wear resistance are growing needs in the automotive and chemical-process industries, where polymer composites are developed to replace metals. This segment is mostly solution-driven, involving integrated application design along with dedicated polymer materials and selected additives, fillers and reinforcements. DOMO has put together a dedicated team to develop compounds with outstanding wear and friction properties for automotive, industrial and chemical-process applications.

We are developing products in the DOMAMID@ L (Lubricated Polyamides), THERMEC™ S (PPS) and THERMEC™ K (PEEK) brand ranges to meet the needs for various application temperatures. In combination with reinforcements like carbon fibres, glass fibres and lubricating fillers (like graphite, MoS2 and PTFE), the result is materials with outstanding resistance to friction and wear. Typical applications include bearing cages, automotive gear shifter parts, oil & gas drilling equipment parts and textile-processing applications.

Tushar Parida
11:00 - Tushar Parida at the HALL 4, BOOTH G 1-3

Lightweight and thermally and electrically conductive solutions for the automotive industry

Two key aspects of metal replacement with engineering plastics are thermal management and electrical conductivity.

In absolute terms, metals are more conductive materials than plastics; however, with the right component design and tailored formulation, plastics have proved excellent alternatives to metal, offering reduced density and greater design freedom without compromising on the all-important mechanical properties.

DOMO EP has developed a complete range of thermally and electrically conductive grades based on polyamide 6, 66 and PPS.

At DOMO, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Our portfolio features also conductive solutions based on secondary raw materials vaunting not only excellent mechanical properties and electrical conductivity but also a significantly reduced production environmental impact.

The most significant target applications for these products are in LED covers, cooling circuit parts, electrical engine and car battery housing, and heat dissipation to protect electronic equipment in interior, exterior and under-the-bonnet automotive parts.

Tushar Parida
11:00 - Tushar Parida at the HALL 4, BOOTH G 1-3

High heat performance plastics compounds for metal replacement

Speciality Engineering Plastics are a range of thermoplastics, that have the capability to offer enhanced thermal and mechanical performance to a given applications, where metal replacement is the key need.  

In high temperature plastics thermal resistance is coupled with enhanced mechanical, chemical and flame retardant properties, making them the materials of choice for highly demanding engineering applications.

High temperature thermoplastics have a Tg & Tm > 150°C and thereby enabling a continuous use temperatures from 150°C up to 300°C.

PEEK, PEK , PPA, PPS , PES &  TPI polymers are the mostly used for metal replacement applications in heated environments.

DOMO at its Indian Technical Centre, is working on the development of solutions based on these materials under the THERMEC™ brand.

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Tushar Parida

Tushar Parida

Country Head – DOMO Engineering Plastics India
Tushar Parida

Tushar Parida graduated in polymer engineering from Delhi University, India. He has around 25 years’ experience in the engineering polymers industry. He has operated in various roles, from applications and formulations development and R&D to sales, marketing and business management in the high-temperature polymers, engineering resins, and composites arenas.