Circular nylon at K2019

At K show, we showed our commitment to embrace sustainability through our high-performance polyamides and their applications. We will continue to bring value to our customers by developing sustainable solutions. And we will continue to act responsibly towards the environment, employees and communities.

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Our K 2019 presentations

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Leonardo Comperatore
10:45 - Leonardo Comperatore at the Domo booth

The eco-friendly choice for carbon-filled polyamide compounds

ECONAMID® AIR offers reduced surface and volume resistivity for various levels of electrical conductivity. OEMs and Tier suppliers can use these properties in developing connectors, fuel-filtering components, light detection and ranging applications, camera housings and electronic components. With its combination of high-quality recycled carbon fibre and sustainable polyamide, ECONAMID® AIR significantly lowers CO2 emissions with no loss of mechanical properties.

Jani Vuorenpaa
10:45 - Jani Vuorenpää at the Domo booth

Nyleen™ – the nylon film with low CO2 emission

When it comes to making nylon film more and more sustainable, DOMO walks the talk.  Its status as a sustainability leader is founded on its upstream integration, proximity to customers and enlightened energy mix based on renewable sources. And products like Nyleen™: the BOPA and CAST PA film with low CO2 emission, courtesy of the unique end-to-end integration (from benzene to film extrusion) of its Leuna production site.

In particular, its carbon and water footprints, as measured by sustainability experts Quantis (, are the lowest in the world, compared to standard nylon film production data published by Ecoinvent 3.3.

This film enables flexible-packaging converters and other users to offer their customers solutions with a lower environmental impact.

Nylon film becomes green, with Nyleen. 

Dana Mosora
11:15 - Dana Mosora at the Domo booth

CEFLEX - Driving Towards Circular Economy

This short presentation shows how collaboration of the entire value chain of flexible packaging, from raw material suppliers to packaging producers, brand owners and retailers, adding waste management companies and systems, make possible to recycle tomorrow what was thought of being non-recyclable yesterday, including packaging and system redesign, optimization and enhancement in sorting and decontamination of waste of flexible packaging, as well as new enabling technologies to recycle more or better.


Mesbah Sabur
15:00 - Mesbah Sabur at the Domo booth

Transparency achieved through blockchain technology

Many companies nowadays aim to be more transparent and sustainable. The way they will achieve these objectives is often far from defined.

DOMO, Covestro and Circularise are working together on a possible solution. With the new project “Circularise PLASTICS” we aim to set up an open standard for sustainability and transparency in the plastic industry, that will enable the industry to communicate regarding sustainable practices and attach absolute proof to materials. Making the plastics supply chain more fair, transparent and profitable.

We understand that being fully transparent and trusting a centralised party with the data can expose your supply chain and undermine your competitive advantage. That’s why we believe that full transparency as well as centralised data storage are not viable solutions.

The Circularise protocol is specifically developed to allow companies to disclose relevant information about their supply chains, products and materials without having to share sensitive data and risk their privacy.

The Circularise PLASTICS project is still at a very early stage and the objective at K 2019 is to bring on board new partners for the ideation and testing phase. This will give them access to the latest information and resources, and present the opportunity to co-create an industry-wide communication standard for a circular economy.

Sergio Moriano
11:15 - Sergio Moriano at the Domo booth

Lightweight and thermal-electrical conductive solutions for the automotive industry

Two of the most important aspects for metal replacement with engineering plastics are thermal management and electric conductivity. In absolute values, metals are more conductive materials if compared to plastics, however, with the right part design and adapted formulation, plastics have been proven optimal alternative to metal, decreasing density and allowing more design freedom, without compromising on mechanical properties. Sergio Moriano will talk about the complete range of electrically and thermal conductive grades, based on polyamide 6, 66 and PPS. The portfolio includes conductive solutions based on secondary raw materials, capable of offering, in addition to electrical conductivity and excellent mechanical properties, a significant reduction of their production environmental impact.

Tushar Parida
10:45 - Tushar Parida at the DOMO booth

Enhanced tribologic properties compounds for friction & wear resistance applications

Friction and wear resistance are growing needs in the automotive and chemical-process industries, where polymer composites are developed to replace metals. This segment is mostly solution-driven, involving integrated application design along with dedicated polymer materials and selected additives, fillers and reinforcements. DOMO has put together a dedicated team to develop compounds with outstanding wear and friction properties for automotive, industrial and chemical-process applications.

We are developing products in the DOMAMID L (Lubricated Polyamides), THERMEC S (PPS) and THERMEC K (PEEK) brand ranges to meet the needs for various application temperatures. In combination with reinforcements like carbon fibres, glass fibres and lubricating fillers (like graphite, MoS2 and PTFE), the result is materials with outstanding resistance to friction and wear. Typical applications include bearing cages, automotive gear shifter parts, oil & gas drilling equipment parts and textile-processing applications.